Allied Master Builder: Empowering You to Design, Price and Build Your Steel Building, at Your Convenience.
Steel Buildings
Design and buy your building in less than 5 minutes.
Create and save your building.
Real-Time Pricing
Based on your area's building requirements.
We've delivered over 4,500 steel buildings worldwide. We stand by our customers all the way.
The Allied Master Builder goal is simple, empower our customer though technology.
Allied's Promise to You
  • Competitive Pricing and Service 
  • ​High-Quality Materials
  • ​Meeting Your Project Timeline
  • Your Custom Design + Our Engineers' Stamp of Approval 
  • ​Customer Support Here to Guide You
Don't just take our word for it...
See what others have built with Allied.
I purchased a 30' X 50' building 6 years ago and love it. It is officially my "man cave", I use to restore cars and as a music studio for the band to practice in. 
John B.
I needed a steel building to be able to build close to the property line. It has been on my bucket list for a long time to build a garage where I can work on my project cars and from start to moving in I'm 100% thrilled with my Allied Steel Building. 
Charlie C.
It's Your Building. 
Make it How You Want it. 
The Allied Master Builder is True DIY Software. EVERYTHING You Need To Design, Price & Order Your Steel Building Online.
  • Real-Time Pricing, Watch Your Estimate Change As You Build
  • Save Your Building & Work On It At Your Convenience
  • Add Accessories, Doors, Windows, Insulation, & More
  • Speak to Customer Support, We're Here to Help!
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